Benefits of Buying a Second-Hand Wedding Dress

Buying a used wedding dress isn’t perhaps the most obvious thing that brides think about when they start to plan their wedding day. If you’re on a budget, it is something you should consider, because let’s face it, the total cost of your wedding can easily reach tens of thousands of pounds before adding the dress into your budget. 

Of course, wedding dresses are available to suit all kinds of budgets, but if your heart is set on a designer dress, then buying second-hand might be a realistic way of getting your hands on your dream wedding dress. Second-hand dresses are generally marked down by between 40-80% of the retail price.

The extra money you’ve saved could be put to other uses, as you might prefer to spend that budget on your honeymoon or your dream wedding venue instead. Then again, you might prefer to buy accessories to match that dress if you get it in advance for your wedding day, such as shoes, a veil, or even jewellery. 

Besides the obvious benefit of buying second-hand wedding dresses to keep the price tag lower, you might want to consider another important point. Your wedding dress is an item of clothing that you will only wear once, it’s probably not something you want to hear, but many people don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a dress they will wear once. 

A preloved wedding dress is a dress that has already been worn down the aisle, but they are often in a very good enough condition and can be worn again. It‘s also a form of recycling a worn-once dress that might otherwise be gathering dust in someone’s wardrobe, so you’ll be helping the environment too! Reducing textile waste helps the environment by giving an old dress a new lease of life. 

When it comes to buying pre-loved wedding dresses, your local alteration shop is your best friend! There is so much scope to create your dress of dreams with some clever alterations. Sometimes you just have to see the bigger picture and get a hem taken up, a sleeve shortened, or some fancy beadwork or lace added to give a dress a fabulous upgrade. 

A wedding dress needs to feel right and much of that comes down to the feel of the fabric. You cannot feel the fabric online, which is why people prefer to shop in a physical store, as you can run your fingers through the fabric of any dress you consider trying on. 

This is why it makes sense to get to know different fabrics, so you know what it is that you will be buying when looking online and don’t underestimate the importance of comfort.

As weddings are never cheap, saving money on the dress certainly frees up more cash for you to spend on the many other aspects of the day that need to be considered. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find your dream wedding dress, even if it is a second-hand wedding dress. There is a lot more to choosing the ideal wedding dress than simply picking a dress by a designer you like in your size; why not get in touch with White Dress UK for more information.