Wedding Details that Make a Big Impact on your Day

Wedding planning can be stressful. Who knew there were so many components that go into planning one day?

We often focus so much on the big things, forgetting the smaller wedding details we include to add our personal touch to the day. However, those small details can make a big impact on your overall wedding day, such as wedding favours, signage, etc., but often your guests won’t even notice if you skip them. At White Dress UK, we’ve created our own list of wedding details that can make a big impact on your day:


Signage can add a great impact on your event, but it can also be insanely helpful when giving guests information during the wedding day. Welcome signs let guests know they are in the right place and truly “welcome” them to the wedding. If you’re deciding what signage to choose from, you could try Chalkboards, Light up letters and Rustic signage and Oversized hand calligraphy on giant spools of paper, which can make incredible backdrops for your ceremony. Other signage like bathroom signs and directional signs will help them know where they should be and direct them to what they may be looking for.

Have Breakfast (or Lunch):

Your wedding day will be a busy one, that’s a guarantee! You will go from getting ready to your ceremony, photos, cocktail hour, introductions and dancing, and then finally to your reception. It’s a lot to take in, so food is a necessity, not just for you but for your guests too; you could order or provide breakfast or lunch for your wedding party to enjoy. Feeling fueled for the day will keep everyone’s spirits high and help keep the nerves and dizziness at bay.


One way to get more life out of your wedding day decor is to find ways to repurpose it, either during or after the event. By repurposing certain things from your ceremony, you can use that later on in the day for the evening. For example, if you plan on having jars of flowers down each side of your aisle, those jars can quickly turn into extra decor on your cocktail hour tables, gift tables, dessert tables, etc. It helps save you money throughout the day because you don’t have to double up on decor and little details to make your day more personal.

Wedding Hashtags:

Why not embrace the digital age during your wedding day? Hashtags are an easy and effective way to store your wedding memories. You can ask your guests to use your wedding hashtag to see your wedding from your guest’s perspective and, better yet, see what everyone got up to. There will be so many moments that your wedding guests may share and if you want to experience those, then a wedding hashtag is the perfect way for your guests to share them with you too.

There may not be a need to add more to your wedding day, but little details will always make a big impact on your day. Our team at White Dress UK has lots of handy tips to help you make your day as unique and memorable as possible, and we hope you find them helpful.