Our Wedding Budget Tips

Chances are, you’re dreaming about your wedding day and it being perfect, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a rival to Kim and Kanye’s crazy wall of blooms or the three stunning wedding gowns, à la Chrissy Teigen. At White Dress UK, we understand that you may be planning your wedding on a budget, but that budget is different for everyone.

Our team has created a master list of advice on saving money on your wedding that will still help you create a unique and memorable wedding day.

Venues That Accommodate Ceremony and Reception

When choosing your wedding venue, consider finding a location where you can hold both the ceremony and the reception. Choosing one place that serves to accommodate both aspects of your day will stop you from having to pay two different venue fees.

Try to find an event venue with an outdoor area for your ceremony and indoor space for your reception. An excellent example of this is to book a hotel with a ballroom space that can be transformed for the ceremony and reception during cocktail hour. But, there are many different varieties of venues that serve dual purposes.

DIY Your Wedding Flowers

If you’ve got your heart set on fresh flowers for your big day, you can easily do them yourself with a bit of pre-planning. You could consider shopping at your local farm shop or market for inexpensive blooms to arrange yourself if hiring a professional florist is out of your budget. If you’ve got the gumption and crafty skills to attempt to DIY your wedding flowers, just be sure to be organized about it. If you have all the tools and supplies, you’ll need to get the job done; just don’t forget to have large buckets and cool storage space to keep the flowers fresh.

Think outside the box for catering

There are many ways to save on your wedding reception catering, from offering only d’oeuvres to just hosting a cake and punch reception. If you’re hosting a full meal for your guests at your reception, there are lots of unique options to consider! Brunch and breakfast foods are often less expensive and you can offer your guests a larger spread or variety. Consider unique food options that make the meal more of an experience and by thinking outside of the box, you can help reduce your overall spend, and add another special detail.

Choose a mid-week wedding date.

If you’re looking for a way to cut costs for your wedding, choosing a day other than Saturday can be a great way to slash prices on everything, literally everything. Of course, choosing a mid-week date could make it harder for your guests to attend your wedding, especially if travel is involved. Mid-week dates tend to work out best for destination weddings where the entire guest list is likely travelling anyway. A weekend is a popular option for many couples getting married, so everything is a little pricier; however, it may be the only option. If you choose a mid-week wedding date, it can be a great way to save money and make everything from flowers to caterers, etc., easier to book too.

Think Value Not Cost and ultimately, this is list is just an indicator of things you could do; you don’t have to scrimp on every single thing, but you can make savings in areas that are not as important. There are so many ways to make your wedding day memorable while being on a budget, and we hope this helps you plan your perfect day!