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Your Perfect Wedding Dress


The wedding dress is usually one of the items that a bride will spend a fortune on, as isn’t it only natural for a stunning dress to come with a hefty price tag? However, we believe that being on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t wear the wedding dress of your dreams. All you […]

How To Plan A Frugal Wedding

Every bride and groom wants that amazing, special day to celebrate their love, but not everyone has a budget that can provide all the glitz and glam of a celebrity-style wedding. Creating a magical day can be achieved by some imagination, creative ideas and a little help from friends and family. Personal touches mean oh […]

Wedding Details that Make a Big Impact on your Day

Wedding planning can be stressful. Who knew there were so many components that go into planning one day? We often focus so much on the big things, forgetting the smaller wedding details we include to add our personal touch to the day. However, those small details can make a big impact on your overall wedding […]

Our Wedding Budget Tips

Chances are, you’re dreaming about your wedding day and it being perfect, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a rival to Kim and Kanye’s crazy wall of blooms or the three stunning wedding gowns, à la Chrissy Teigen. At White Dress UK, we understand that you may be planning your wedding on a […]

How to Deal With the Stress of a Wedding?

Weddings traditionally require months of detailed planning, sounds stressful right? No matter how chilled out you might be, or how simple your plans are, almost everyone feels stressed in the lead up to their wedding. To some, wedding planning sounds like a lot of fun, but to others, it sounds overwhelming and exhausting. Luckily, there […]

Benefits of Buying a Second-Hand Wedding Dress

Buying a used wedding dress isn’t perhaps the most obvious thing that brides think about when they start to plan their wedding day. If you’re on a budget, it is something you should consider, because let’s face it, the total cost of your wedding can easily reach tens of thousands of pounds before adding the […]

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